Markets, Easter & Mother's Day oh my!

Lisa Gillard

Hey there fellow Shermernians?...Shermernites?..Shermans? Rad people :-)

I had a great time at the Rose Street Artist's Market last week. Fun, fun fun in the sun! Met some new customers and got great feedback.

This Saturday (April 12) I will be packing the Shermer mobile again and heading over to the Lonely Hunter market at the Cape Lounge on Brunswick street Fitzroy. This is a great little design market that's only on once every month so make sure you head down and check it out.

It will also be your last chance to nab yourself some Shermer Mothers's Day and Easter greeting cards as I will be heading to the motherland (Italy) during April and May to eat as much pizza, gelato and nutella as is humanly possible.

Don't miss out!

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