Lisa Gillard

This weekend I traveled to another world - Comic Con!

I have to say it probably wasn't the most ideal place for someone with an irrational fear of masks to be. The tram ride in with a dude dressed as the creepy clown thing from Saw definitely tested my limits, but I got through it.

Everything I know about comics I've learnt from movies and the only gaming I do is the odd round of Mario Kart, so it's no surprise that my main motivation for going was purely TV related. A-doy!

Jason Dohring (Logan Echolls from 'Veronica Mars') and Yvette Nicole Brown (Shirley from 'Community') were doing panels so that was what lead me into the madness of Comic Con. While there were definitely some interesting insights (like the revelation that Kristen Bell was a prankster that used to glad wrap toilet seats in people's trailers) Jason could have benefited from a moderator to help fill those moments of awkward silence, I felt for him, I really did. Yvette was an absolute pro, she owned the room, was full of personality and just all round fantastic. One of the things I took from that panel, Donald Glover can bake - swoon!

Jason Dohring from Veronica Mars talking to the audience

Yvette Nicole Brown on stage at Melbourne Comic Con

The last panel featured the one and only Richard Dean Anderson aka MacGyver! Yep, that happened. He's now old and doesn't give a damn anymore - this resulted in hilarity. A highlight was when he talked us through the surgical pants he wears for the drawstring function that allows him to keep the cuffs off the ground and, therefore, off the wet grass. MacGyver is living large.

Comic Con - it was an experience.

NOTE: Special mention goes out to the guy dressed as Ace Ventura who was in character THE WHOLE DAY! So much so, that I'm still kind of wondering if it was, in fact, a costume at all.

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