Unwilling to accept the 80s and 90s are long gone? Then this collection is for you! A quirky greeting card range of over 100 designs inspired by movies, tv, music, fads, slang, crazy patterns and all the things that made those decades so awesome.

Meet me in Shermer is powered by pop culture! A big hit of nostalgic fun!

This unique greeting card range blends designer Lisa Gillard's quirky sense of humour with her love/obsession of movies, music & television.

It may just be greeting cards for now, but Lisa plans to extend the range in the near future to include other products like wrapping paper, tea towels and pins.

All cards are 100% designed and printed in Melbourne, Australia.

Q. Where the heck is Shermer?

A. Illinois. At least that is what Lisa thought for the majority of her childhood. Dreams were soon crushed with the realisation that it is, in fact, a fictional place. (Note: all travel plans were called off).

Q. Why the heck did she name her business after a fictional place?

A. It may not be real, but dammit, it is awesome! Lisa's owes her love of movies to the works of John Hughes. Many of John Hughes films were set in the fictional town of Shermer, Illinois. John Hughes was a genius. That is all.

Please note: Meet Me In Shermer products do not have the approval or endorsement of the owner or creator of the character(s) depicted. ‘Meet Me In Shermer’ does not have an association with the owner or creator. These products are an original creation inspired by the source material.